Ron Cardwell

  • As CEO, Cardwell is responsible for the culture, governance, business strategy, financial performance, and organizational imperatives for Exelon Clearsight.  Through Exelon Clearsight Cardwell is focused on the commercialization of drones, robotics, and artificial intelligence to improve the reliability, resilience, and sustainability of electrical infrastructure. 
  • Over the course of his career, Cardwell led several complex and rapidly growing businesses including wholesale trading, electric generation construction and operation, ESCO’s, retail energy, distributed generation, and energy consulting. 
  • As the Vice President of various departments within Constellation, an Exelon Company, Cardwell was instrumental in growing various businesses into industry leaders in the U.S. and Canada. 
  • Prior to joining Constellation, Cardwell served as Vice President of Allegheny Energy, a Pennsylvania-based Fortune 500 company, where he led the energy services group. 
  • Early in his career, Cardwell served as a Principal at Guidehouse/Navigant Consulting. 
  • Cardwell also held several key leadership positions as an Officer in the United States Army.

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