Constellation Clearsight Helps Customers Harness the Power of Innovative Inspections at the Oracle Industry Lab

By Stephanie Zygmont

At the new Chicago lab, visitors can go on Constellation virtual augmented reality missions, including using underwater drones to inspect…

Forest Health Monitoring: Using Drones and Remote Sensing to Protect Your Vegetation

By Stephanie Zygmont

(5 min read)  In this article:  Learn what forest-endangering pests to be mindful of  Learn what forest-endangering diseases to be mindful of Learn…

Underwater Tunnel Inspection

By Stephanie Zygmont

The Exelon Clearsight team adapted to perform a unique robotic inspection of an underwater tunnel. An existing customer reached out…

Drone vs. Helicopters – Utility Inspections

By Colbey Ryan

Drones are safer and more effective tools than helicopters for utility inspections of energized electric lines. So, why are utilities…

Maintaining Critical Feeders and Operating in the D.C. FRZ During the Pandemic

By Stephanie Zygmont

Exelon Clearsight, BGE, ACE, and PEPCO Double Down on Critical Feeder Inspections. Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE), Atlantic City Electric…

Exelon Clearsight Partners with Texas Electric Cooperatives

By Stephanie Zygmont

Exelon Clearsight and Texas Electric Cooperatives provide innovative inspections to Texas utilities. On May 12, 2020, we announced our alliance…

Meet Exelon Clearsight

By Stephanie Zygmont

2019 was an incredible year for AeroLabs. We made amazing advancements in our services, software tools, customer base, and team….

Drones Conquer ASME IWL General Examination

By Stephanie Zygmont

There’s only one way to prove a drone camera can meet the visual acuity needed to obtain ASME IWL General…

Law Enforcement Leverages Innovative Technologies

By Stephanie Zygmont

We recently had the unique opportunity to visit a tactical team in the Northeastern U.S.! This team is seeking new…

Exelon Clearsight Makes History!

By Stephanie Zygmont

Exelon Clearsight makes history with the first ever UAS inspection of an accident inside an underwater tunnel. We utilized the…