Exelon Clearsight is the Primary Reseller of the Elios 2 RAD Drone

Fast & Accurate Radiation Detection

Elios 2 RAD is state-of-the-art drone technology that offers the ability to collect and map radiological data. While performing assessments, safely measure and map radiological data from anywhere inside your nuclear station while minimizing personnel dose exposure. Reduce dose exposure and ongoing inspection costs while radically improving your inspections with the Elios 2 RAD.

Radiation Detection Guide

Elios 2 RAD Capabiiites

Get Better Dose Discoveries

Deploy Elios 2 RAD from a safe area to evaluate radiological, structural, and thermal conditions and empower critical maintenance decisions.

Reach Higher Safety Standards & Enhanced System Reliability

Assess conditions while keeping workers outside of risk zones, and perform assessments while plants remain online.

Capture More With a Range of Detection

Easily interchange between Low-level, Mid-level, and High-level radiation detectors.