Under Bridge Pipe Inspection

Inspecting piping below a bridge must meet annual regulatory requirements, which poses some challenges for utilities. Bridges are often on large crossings where cathodic protection issues can’t easily be seen from a nearby river bank, even with binoculars.

Following a visual inspection from river bank vantage points, areas that seem to have issues will need to be inspected closer. Traditional methods include scaffolding via overhead trucks and boats. 

This inspection involved a 1000 ft long gas main line, crossing a river. We were tasked with inspecting all components of the gas piping, including accompanying structural supports, coating, and the piping itself. We eliminated the need for scaffolding by capturing more, higher quality data than ever.

We flew a drone, with an upward mounted camera to acquire high resolution video data. The inspection was performed in real-time with Subject Matter Experts reviewing data as the operators were flying. The data was processed and organized before being delivered to the client.  

The SMEs determined the main line was in really good condition, and provided our client thorough evidence to back up the claim. The video data will meet the Atmospheric Corrosion Inspection regulations under the Code of Federal Regulations 192, and eliminate the need for further scaffolding inspections. 

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