Infrared Troubleshooting at Nuclear Generation Station

Exelon Clearsight was asked to troubleshoot 55 inaccessible valves that, if leaking, would result in efficiency losses in power generation.

Innovative technology and specialized equipment allow us to complete inspections in hazardous areas at full power. Traditionally, a generation facility’s refueling outage is the only time a plant can be accessed to due the high temperatures, dose conditions, and need for scaffolding.

To complete the inspection, we deployed a specialized drone with infrared technology into an inaccessible area at a generation facility. The drone was specifically designed to fly in a GPS denied environment, so no personnel were put at risk.

The infrared technology allowed subject matter experts (SME) the ability to detect up and down steam heat flow to assess for valve leak. This valuable media allowed the station to make decisions on which valves need future maintenance and identify any degraded components.

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