Emergent Inspection of Cooling Tower Canopy

A traditional inspection of a cooling tower canopy usually requires a lift to elevate personnel to take pictures and document the degradation. For a single tower, including the panels, plinths, and bracing columns, this takes at least two full days.

By using two different drones, we were able to complete the inspection in under one day. We captured high resoution videos and images of the components in half the time. Not only did our technology help eliminate any industrial safety risks from a traditional inspection, we were also able to support the safety precautions set in place due to the pandemic. We reduced the number of individuals involved and time that personnel could be exposed to each other. 

This site specifically required insights around the degradation level of the canopy panels of the cooling tower, and the gaps between the canopy panels. The gaps, degradation level, and cracks in the concrete all negatively affect efficiency. By providing additional vantage points that traditional inspections would not be able to provide; the site was able to achieve a more thorough inspection.

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