Exelon Clearsight Partners with Texas Electric Cooperatives

Exelon Clearsight and Texas Electric Cooperatives provide innovative inspections to Texas utilities.

On May 12, 2020, we announced our alliance with Texas Electric Cooperatives, Inc. (TEC). TEC, which was established in 1941, is a coalition of 75 electric cooperatives with more than three million members throughout the state. This coalition has continued to advance with the times in order to provide its members with the necessary products and services to be a sustainable business.

aerial ground comparison

Case Study: Aerial vs. Ground-Level Comparison of Distribution Assets

When a cross-arm failure on an overhead distribution line occurred over a highway crossing, we were called in to inspect every other highway crossing with drones.

One of TEC’s advancements was to form an alliance with us, an innovative energy inspection company. This alliance provides an agreement that gives TEC exclusive rights to sell our services to Electric Cooperatives, Generation & Transmission Cooperatives, and Municipal Authorities across the state of Texas.

We’re thrilled to be partnering with TEC and provide our unique services to Texas utilities. By using drones to capture higher quality data, Exelon Clearsight provides more data and insights to help utilities improve reliability. We know our insights will help TEC succeed for years to come.

Head over to TEC’s newswire to read the whole story!

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