Drones Conquer VT-3 Qualifications

There’s only one way to prove a drone camera can meet the visual acuity to obtain VT-3 qualified inspections on reactor containment structures… get out in the field and demonstrate it!

Clearsight recently performed a demonstration to a team of personnel at an Exelon nuclear site, which included our Generation team, Non-Destructive Engineering (NDE) personnel and an Authorized Nuclear In-Service Inspector (ANII).

Our pilots demonstrated that our drones, when coupled with a mix of carefully selected camera packages, are able to observe and qualify these airborne assets to perform VT-3 level quality inspections at distances ranging from 20’ to 36’ away from the concrete containment structure.

These containment inspections are required under ASME Section XI for IWE concrete containment in-service inspections.

Proving that our drones are capable of qualifying cameras for these inspections means that we can not only perform nuclear VT-3 inspections, which are more stringent, but that we can also meet concrete cooling tower, dam, hydro spillway and stack inspection requirements.

To find out more, please contact Jimmy Carter at Jimmy.Carter@exeloncorp.com or Chris Place at Chris.Place@exeloncorp.com for more information!

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